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Massive Citizens Turnout In Grand Cape Mount

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As part of measures to ameliorate or stamp out the awful act of Human Trafficking in the country, the Community Watch Forum of Liberia (CWFL) with support from the Ministry of Labour recently launch an intensive campaign on Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labor in Sinje , Grand Cape Mount County.

According to the National Chairman of the CWFL, Mr. Nyenati Kffey, hundreds of citizens of Sinje, Garwula District turnout on May 10, 2021 to grace the official launch of the anti-human trafficking campaign; while members of the CWFL based in Grand Cape Mount attending the program also volunteer to spread the anti-human trafficking message throughout the five districts in the county.

The campaign on anti-human trafficking which is currently on going simontinously throughout the country with five local non-governmental organizations including CWFL being accredited by the Ministry of Labour to carry on the campaign is expected to last for 90 days, according to Mr. Kaffey.

Following the official launch of the campaign in Sinje, the CWFL national leadership which was only restricted by the project to conduct the campaign in one district, (Garwula) overwhelmingly spread the campaign in the five districts of Grand Cape Mount because of the enthusiasm of its local volunteers based in the county. The CWLF leadership than climax the anti-human awareness in Bo-Waterside, Taiwor District as it volunteers in the county continues the campaign covering up the 90 days.

Mr. Kaffey disclosed that the campaign on anti-human trafficking was exemplified or made manifest during their presence in Bo Water close to the Liberian, Sierra Leonean border when a child being trafficked from Sierra Leone was arrested at the Bo Waterside border by members of his organization and turned over to police authorities in the area.

Speaking at the official launch of the campaign in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount, Mr. Kaffey told the audience that Trafficking in Person (TIP) and Child has the propensity to destroy the future of the country and generations to come. He said Human Trafficking or modern slavery is a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to provide labor or services or engage in commercial sex.

According to him, human trafficking can be physical and psychological adding that causes that lead to Trafficking in Person include poverty, lawlessness, social instability, military conflict, natural disaster, weak-law enforcement and gender biases. “All of these come in many forms such as physical assault or hitting a person, fraud (false promises), coercion, threat, intimidation especially under gun point saying all of these are happening in our country.

Mr. Kaffey at the head of the delegation of the national leadership of the CWFL indicated that all of these are awful behaviors and are against the Liberian law and international laws noting that in order to stop Trafficking In Persons in Liberia, an Act banning Human Trafficking was signed in 2005 by the Liberian legislature at which time the Government of Liberia formulated a policy framework that resulted to the organization of the National Taskforce comprising all major stakeholders including the CWFL as a major partner.

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