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Gambia Pres. Urges African Leaders To Use Natural Resources For Dev. -As Nigeria Pres. Seeks Peaceful Elections In Sub region

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By O’Neill A. R. Philips

A Special Guest to the 175th Independence Day Celebration of Liberia, Gambia President Adama Barrow has called on African Leaders to use the rich natural resources of the continent for development, peace and prosperity and for the better quality of life for its people.

The Gambia Leader said cooperation for progress and African unity is urgent and must be pursued by all African Leaders to sustain peace on the Continent.

President Barrow urged African Leaders to look inward to maximize the human capacity and resources of their Countries especially with focus on the youths.

 He said Africans must use their resources wisely and equitably for prosperity and development.

The Gambia Leader urged African Leaders to use basic social services for the good of its people and the greater empowerment of youth and women of the Continent.

However, President Barrow said development on the Continent cannot be done in the absence of peace, unity and civility.

He recommended that Africans should take control of its development agenda through supporting one another.

“For Africa to practice peace there must be tolerance. For Africa to be peaceful we must be tolerant of the rule of law,” President Barrow asserted.

 He said no country has one race or people and therefore there must be tolerance amongst Africans to ensure peace and development.

The Independence Day Special Guest recounted the African peoples’ struggle from Colonial rule, and charged them in understanding the dynamic of global politics and its impact on Africa;

but was quick to state that he is confident that Africans are getting politically mature.

President Barrow encouraged Liberians to unite in their aspiration for greater development in a democratic environment and to refrain from violence and terrorism for a better Liberia.

“As you celebrate your national day, I urged you to use your role as Liberian citizens and reflect on how to pursue your developmental aspiration and   unite against violence and terrorism to bring a better future for every citizen,” President Barrow admonished Liberians.

Also in his brief remarks at the program, visiting Nigerian President Mohamadu Buhari called on three countries in the sub region expected to hold elections next year 2023, to ensure that the process is conducted transparently and free of violence.

President Buhari stressed that to maintain and sustain peace in these countries, authorities in Liberia, Nigeria and their counterpart must take every measure to avoid electoral violence and dispute in other to sustain democracy in the sub region.

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