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Pres. Weah Highlights Unity, Peace as Key for Dev.

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By Edward Blamo

Liberia’s herculean development tasks can only be achieved when the country is peaceful. That is why in his Independence Day address to the nation, President George M. Weah encouraged Liberians both at home and abroad to cultivate the spirit of peace and unity which is cardinal to realizing development and prosperity.

“I encourage you, my fellow citizens, to put off the spirit of disagreement and division and put on the spirit of unity, love, reconciliation, peace, stability and nationalism”, the Liberian leader said at the jam-packed Continuum Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia.  He furthered “we must respect and love one another.  As your leader, I urged you to join me to build our dear country. It does not matter who you are, or your status in life.  It does not matter what political ideology you aspire to, or your ethnic background; religious persuasion, social class, or academic standard”.

President Weah said the 175th Independence Celebration this year is unique, because it also coincides with another major national milestone, which is the observance and celebration of our Bicentennial, marking 200 years since our founding. He averred that these large numbers which define the country’s continuous existence as a body politic are genuine and valid reasons for celebration.  

However, the continued, they also present the opportunity for Liberians to soberly reflect on the country’s political genesis and journey, not only from whence we have come, but also how long and how far we have traveled together, lived together, worked together, survived together and developed together.

He said the bonds that have held everyone together have been tried and tested over these years, and continue to grow in strength as the people advance together in cohesion as One People, with One Destiny.

“We may have differences, but we are proud of the ties that inspire our unity. So let us join ranks and consolidate our resources as a Nation and People, so as to uphold the legacy that our forefathers have passed on to us, because there is so much more that unites us, than divide us”, he said.

The duty, and obligation, to protect the sovereignty of the nation he said is through good deeds, innovation, and hard work. “We must unite and be reconciled in peaceful co-existence as citizens of Liberia”, he said.

Maintaining our sovereignty, he said is the most successful achievement we have made as a nation and people. “It is now our collective responsibility to sustain the peace, security, and stability of this first independent nation in Africa, called Liberia”, he said.

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