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Our World: No Longer A Tired Horse

by porkpad3

By Peter Kieh Doe

“English people want to be left alone, and I daresay a great many other people want to be left alone too. But the world is like a tired old horse plodding down a long road. Every time it strays off and tries to graze peacefully in some nice green pasture, along comes a new master to flog it a bit further along”.

The preceding are the exact words from Winston Churchill to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain whose government tried time and again to find a way to manage Germany without resorting to arms.

In the 1930s, expansionist dictatorships like Germany (Adolf Hitler spoke of increasing Germany’s “living space” and announced a rearmament program in 1935.) Italy (Benito Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in 1935.) Japan invaded China in 1931.) Germany, Italy and Japan were seen as dangerous warmongers. The climate in the United States and Britain between Versailles and the German invasion of Poland was passionately antiwar. It was the 20th century then. Even though Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and 2022, International Relations and Comparative Politics which include the use and functions of the military have improved for the betterment of humanity since the turn of 21st century.  In other words, many nations are working together for close co-operation between and among nations to build, enhance and maintain peace, security and development. The military is no longer an uncanny theater created only to fight war. The armies of a number of countries are participating in peace building and peace keeping missions.

A nation can invite another nations’ military to participate in the celebration of its National Day or Independence Anniversary nowadays. This is a worthy novelty in International Relations, Regional Co-operation and Bilateral Co-operation.

For example, the government of neighboring Ivory Coast invited a contingent from the Armed of Forces of Liberia (AFL) to Yamaussoukro to participate in Ivory Coast’s 62nd Independence Anniversary which was held on Sunday, August 7, 2022. The AFL is the only army that was invited to Ivory Coast’s 62nd Independence Anniversary. A number of regional and world leaders including Liberian President George Manneh Weah were invited to the Independence Celebrations.

Speaking after the contingent arrival in Ivory Coast, Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Chief of Staff Maj./Gen. Prince C. Johnson, III, said “The Liberian military was grateful for the invitation extended to the AFL to participate in the Ivory Coast’s Independence Celebrations. He said that the invitation showed the level of cordiality between the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Armed Forces of Ivory Coast.

The Armed of Liberia (AFL) has about 150 personnel deployed in Timbuktu Mali as Troop Contributing Country (TCC), Thirteen Military Staff Officers (MSO) In Mali and Four Military Observers (MILOB) in Sudan and South Sudan with ten percent female representation. The Armed Forces of Liberia has achieved prominence on the International scene with significant contribution in peace support operations, with Lieutenant Colonel Emmanuel S. Savice (Rtd) who served in United Nations (UN) supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS), in 2012. From that time to 2022, Liberian troops are recognized within the military wing of the United Nations.

In conclusion, the world has changed for the better since the inception of the 21st century. The world is no longer a tired old horse. Our orbit is now a young horse with youthful exuberant experiencing peace, democracy and development.  So, let regional and world leaders maintain the fortitude that brought Liberia, Ivory Coast and the rest of the world to this 21st century renaissance.

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