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LNP Arrests Oman’s Human Trafficking Agent

by porkpad3

By: Kermu O. Masaquoi      

The Liberia National Police has arrested a man identified as Arthur Chanchan who is believed to be an agent involved in the trafficking of Liberians to the gulf State of Oman.

The LNP charge sheet revealed that on 13th day of September, 2022, suspect Chanchan was arrested, acquainted with his constitutional rights, investigated and duly charged and forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for the crimes of Trafficking in Persons and Forgery in violation of section three (3) A and B, 15.70 of the new Trafficking in Persons Act of the penal law of Liberia.

He has been charged for his involvement in recruiting and trafficking several females to Oman including Christine Pallah Flomo, Monica Mama Tellewoyan.

It can be recalled that in October 2021, over sixty (60) Liberian girls who were trafficked to Oman complained of abuse, molestation, force labour and humiliation and alarmed for the Liberian government to rescue and return them back home.

The LNP document established that victim Christine Pallah Flomo was encouraged by her friend Catherine Cooper about the program claiming that it would allow them to travel and go to School in Oman while working as housemates and earning United States Dollars (US$500.00) monthly each.

The LNP statement narrated that it was a sad story for one of the victim Grace Sonnie, a single mother who claimed to be   beaten severely with wire, kicked in her stomach several times thus leading her to bleed and vomit with blood at her workplace  while in Oman on October 2021.

According to the Police investigation, the victim Christine Pallah Flomo noted that when all of them arrived in Oman, they were received by their sponsors who seized their documents and later took them to a place called Alburaymi to start work as housemaid, during which time majority of them were seriously ill-treated by their bosses.

The LNP records revealed that victim Monica  Mama Tellewoyan said in October 2021, a lady identify as Princess Reeds told her about a travel program to Dubai with a Company to work for a monthly salary of USD 500.00 including free housing facilities and privilege  to go to school while working.

She added that upon hearing the information, her friend Princess immediately called her uncle (defendant suspect Chanchan) from Dubai who instructed her to receive the amount of USD 280.00 through installment of one hundred and twenty five United States Dollars (125.00) as first payment and the balance of one hundred and fifty five United States Dollars (155.00) to be paid to his wife Eve Kpedeh base upon his instruction.

She further said on December 12, 2021, she met the defendant Chanchan at the Robert International AirPort (RIA) and gave him the amount of seventy five United State Dollars (75.00USD) for her Visa and plane ticket before departing for Oman instead of Dubai. She revealed that upon her arrival at the Airport in Oman, she was received by her sponsor and worked as housemaid for three months and ill-treated, a condition that prompted most of them to advocate for their return and were brought back to Liberia through the efforts of the Liberian government.

Meanwhile, suspect Chanchan testified to the police that, in December 2021, Liberian girls were travelling in their numbers to Oman; Asia for better jobs boarding the Asky Airlines and Royal Air Moroc without restriction, as their family members did accompany them at the airport and observed their check-in and departure from Liberia.

He alleged that the entire security force at the RIA airport was involved in assisting travelers to leave including the LIS, LDEA and police officers as well as Airlines agents.

Additionally, he revealed to the police that in December 2021, he received calls on two occasions from two persons and one of them was Christine Pallah Flomo saying that her nephew Samuel Chanchan told them that he Arthur should help them check in for which he did for their travel to Oman.

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